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'To Rule Yourself is the Ultimate Power'

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

alExandrA eden:

Hi, I'm Alex,

I'm a performance and mindset mentor who is deeply obsessed with stoic philosophy and humans fulfilling their true potential.


I've been a student of self-discovery since I could remember and the ever-evolving tapestry of my life has brought me to this point, to you.


I love humans, I love cracking through to the core of who we are, obliterating limiting mindsets and empowering people to carve their own path.


We don't have to do what has previously been done.

We don't have to walk the well-worn path.

We don't have to do things we are told we "should" do and we don't have to subscribe to social norms or constructs.


We do have to own our shit, work hard, lead with love, kindness and ruthless authenticity.

and, of course, live up to our true potential.

I want this for me, I want this for you, I want it for everyone.


Love always, in all ways



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The virtue of acceptance.

To accept where you are, right now, truly and understand what is within your control and what is outside it. 


Where your attention flows, your energy goes.

Being aware of where you spend your energy empowers you to recalibrate your headspace and refocus your attention on that which feeds so you may relinquish all that no longer serves you.


What begins with a thought must be executed with action as true greatness exists within the doing. Consistent action every day is the pathway to reaching your full potential.

Consider it paying your beautiful dues.

Anti Fragility

Resilience is the foundation and antifragility is the whole damn house.

It is the ability to not only embrace your adversity but alchemize it. 


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Ascension is How you Reach the Summit.

It is a place of inspiration, practical tools,

ancient wisdom and deep empowerment.

A free membership to a home of self awareness.

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