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Do you ever find yourself searching for the right words during difficult conversations?

Maybe it’s that stressful meeting or a family gathering that feels more like an inquisition, I understand how tough it can be.


That’s why I created "The Secret Book of Boundaries," affectionately known as your secret boundary buddy, B.O.B. This is your personal companion designed to help you navigate those sticky situations with grace and confidence.


Inside, you’ll find phrases and practices to prepare you for any challenging encounter, from grounding exercises to reflective prompts.


Plus, I've included special pages that you can screenshot to your phone, ensuring that B.O.B is always just a swipe away when you need support. Together, we'll explore breathing techniques and more to help you stay centered and assertive.


You'll never have to go it alone with B.O.B by your side!

Secret Book Of Boundaries B.O.B

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