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The Sum of your impulses

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The equation of your success is found in your daily actions.

You are the sum of your impulses.

The actions you choose to take or not take every day are the bricks that build your world.

They may seem small and somewhat insignificant in isolation but laid upon one another, they equal the sum of your impulses, the sum of your life.

Choose your actions wisely; it may feel good within the moment to succumb to your vices and make no mistake, there is a time for play and a time to relax and recoup but the question to ask yourself is "Is this moving me closer to the person I want to be? To my goals?"

Forge yourself to have character of granite, strong, fortified and always glistening in the light.

Focus on staying calm, gentle and ferociously unyielding in your discipline.

This is how greatness is curated and it all starts with the small bricks laid upon one another.

The tests will come, but to conquer your inner impulses and irrationality is to conquer your day.

To keep promises to yourself, to do more, be greater.

This is how you build your inner empire, one brick at a time.

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